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Water is an essential part of our ecological system. It is one of the main substances that make our planet fit for living. Let us all do our best to save this precious comodity with proper conservation methods.

Fix Leaks

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A leak of merely 1 drop per second, wastes 2,400 gallons per year! Most leaks are easy to repair with some basic know-how and a few simple tools..

Conservation Devices

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There are a number of simple devices that can significantly reduce water usage. These include aerators, flow regulators and displacement devices.

Water Re-Use


Used water, such as at the kitchen sink and at the washstand, is often suitable for other purposes.


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Be conscious of the amount of water you utilise and use less whenever you can.

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Check for Leaks

Logger devices are being installed at customer premises which allow the flow and pressure of water to be measured on a twenty-four-hour basis from remote locations.

  1. Check your toilet tank to sure it's full and the water is not running.
  2. Ensure that no water is dripping from your shower faucet when off
  3. Verify that the instantaneous flowing reading is at zero
  4. If the instantaneous flow meter reading is not at zero; check your washroom, bathroom, and kitchen sink for visible signs of water or moisture.
  5. Check outside for watermarks and any unexplainable green marks.

If these 5 leak detection measures don’t work you make have a non-visible leak that will require the services of a leak detection technician. Your Leak is your responsibility. Early detection can prevent your money from going down the drain.

Spotted a leak in your area?

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