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A leak of merely 1 drop per second, wastes 2,400 gallons per year! Most leaks are easy to repair with some basic know-how and a few simple tools..

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There are a number of simple devices that can significantly reduce water usage. These include aerators, flow regulators and displacement devices.

Water Re-Use


Used water, such as at the kitchen sink and at the washstand, is often suitable for other purposes.


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Be conscious of the amount of water you utilise and use less whenever you can.

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Residents in sections of Mandeville, the NWC is serving you in so many ways! That is why we are improving your infrastructure and we are continuing that work with the Hopeton Road to Waltham Road Pipeline Project, which is a part of the Greater Mandeville Water Supply Improvement Project.

Under this phase of the project, we are replacing the old asbestos pipes so that residents will have improved reliability and consistency in their water supply, whilst minimizing breakages resulting in fewer water supply disruptions.

This project covers the installation of 3.0 km of 400 mm ductile Iron pipe along the Hopeton Main Road to terminate at the Perth Road/Waltham Intersection.

As we carry out the project, please bear with us as there will be delays when you traverse the roadway. We have done some temporary road reinstatement to minimize the delays and reduce the impact of the dust, and with this reinstatement, there's also a driving surface that doubles as protection for the trench.

During the temporary road reinstatement period, pressure testing will be carried out after which asphaltic concrete will be used to restore the excavated area to its original condition. This should take place within 6 - 8 weeks.

Improving your water supply takes time, but we are dedicated to the task. Over time, there will be improvements in reliability and supply in several other communities.

The NWC...serving you in so many ways.

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