Chairman Senator Aubyn Hill

As the Chief Executive Office of Corporate Strategies Ltd., Aubyn Hill has over 35 years working experience in the private sector. In early 1980s he led a start-up team to open a branch of American Express International Banking Corporation (AEIBC) in Sri Lanka, and success there led to promotion to Amex Bank in Bahrain. Prior to his work in Sri Lanka, Hill had worked with Amex Bank in New York, Rome, and Mumbai.

During his 21 years as a banker in the Middle East, Hill assisted in and led the restructuring of two major banks — Burgan Bank in Kuwait and the National Bank of Oman, where he served as CEO. He also led the management team that completed the successful turnaround of one of the largest banks in the Caribbean, National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB). In 19 months Hill and his team worked to move NCB’s stock price from $5.51 when he joined to J$31.70. Market capitalization of NCB moved from $13.5 billion to $78.2 billion in two years and profits increased from about $330 million to $3.2 billion during the same period.

Hill established Corporate Strategies Limited as a management consultancy firm in 2005. The firm has done work for many of Jamaica’s biggest corporations. Between December 2005 and October 2011, he worked in various roles as a unpaid and paid consultant, chairman, and finally CEO of SCJ Holdings Limited, the company that carried the six Government of Jamaica-owned sugar estates (approximately 40,000 hectares) and five sugar factories. He and his divestment team were successful in the primary objective of divesting these loss-making sugar assets. In June 2014, the leader of the Opposition, Andrew Holness, appointed Aubyn Hill to chair his newly established Economic Advisory Council (EAC).

Hill is often engaged as an expert speaker on Finance, Corporate Governance and Management Restructuring at universities, to pension fund managers, on television and radio, to Institute of Chartered Accountants in their annual regional conference in Antigua, and in May and June 2014 to the South Asian Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), and to the Commander and his senior officers of the Sri Lankan Navy in Colombo.

Mr. Hill sits on various corporate boards, including that of Jamaica Broilers Group Limited (the largest food processing company in the Caribbean), Salada Foods Jamaica Limited and also serves on the University Council, which governs four campuses of the University of the West Indies. He was recently appointed by the newly elected government to serve as chairman of both the National Water Commission and the National Irrigation Commission. In March 2016, Prime Minister Andrew Holness appointed Aubyn Hill to the Senate — Jamaica’s Upper House of Parliament — and he was subsequently elected as Deputy President of the Senate. The Prime Minister also appointed Senator Hill as Special Investment Ambassador and Envoy to India.

His academic qualifications include an MBA from Harvard Business School, which he earned in 1978.

Mr. Hill and his wife, Tamara, have two grown children.

Water Fact

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