Water Conservation

Despite the prevailing view by many that water is easy to come by and is a free gift of nature, the extensive work which is involved in treating and bringing the precious commodity to our homes and offices is no cheap accomplishment.

Everyday, expensive imported chemicals are used in the water treatment process, electricity is used to pump water over hills and valleys, and pipes, pumps and other fittings are used to maintain a reliable service. This all costs!

While the amount of water used varies depending on personal habits, a typical single-family home in Jamaica uses between 3,000 and 5,000 gallons of treated water per month.

Studies done around the world show that approximately 10% of the water used in homes is wasted because of leaks. These studies also show that water consumption within an average household can be reduced by about 30% by using proper water saving devices and good conservation practices.

There are 4 basic ways to save water:-

Conserving Water Around the Home

In the Bathroom
In the Kitchen
Be a Leak Detective

High meter readings and high water bills could be the result of leakage from your yard piping or plumbing fixtures in the house. To detect whether or not you have a leak, do the following:

Fresh clean drinking water is yours to use whenever you need it, but not to waste. It is too valuable. Remember that a little effort and a little common sense will make a big difference. Following the tips outlined can save you thousands of litres and dollars every year. So be alert. If you see water being wasted in your home, tighten up. If you see it being wasted anywhere else, speak up. Water is life. DO THE RIGHT THING . Conserve Water and Save.