Application for New Supply of Water Supply and Sewerage Services

New Supply Requirements

An application for service should be made online using the links provided below, under the “APPLY FOR WATER SUPPLY AND SEWAGE SERVICES” heading. Any issues experienced with the application should be directed to our Web chat below for assistance.
An inspection of the premises may be required before the application is processed, and this will be done within five (5) working days after the customer's request is received.
IMPORTANT: Customers applying for more than three (3) connections (sub-division, apartments and plazas) MUST visit the commercial office to complete transactions.
    Proof Of Ownership
  • Letter from lawyer with volume and folio number - attorney’s Stamp must be affixed to letter and must be signed by Attorney. This letter must not be older than six (6) months.
  • Letter from mortgaging companies e.g. NHT, HAJ, VMBS, JNBS etc. The letter must include the volume and folio numbers where available and the letter must by signed by the Legal Counsel of that institution or such other authorized person.
  • Title: A photo copy of the title must be stamped and certified to be a true copy of the original by the Titles Office. The certified copy must not be older than six (6) months.
  • Customer may provide either one of the three documents listed above as valid proof.
    - For open lots approved building outline from the Parish Council is required.
    - Numbering certificate from the Parish Council.
    - Valid Identification i.e. Passport, National ID or Driver's Licence.
    - Tax Registration Number (T.R.N).
    - A deposit on installation cost is required as outlined below:
      + $16,000.00 for ½ inch connection where the supply is not laid up.
      + $10,000.00 for supplies already laid up.
      + An estimated cost will be determined for connections in excess of half (1/2) inch.
      + Method of payment accepted is cash, manager's cheques or debit/credit cards.
      + Actual cost is determined after the installation is completed and the difference in cost will be applied to the account.