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NWC's Pay and Save Programme

Duration April 8 to May 31, 2024

Recently, the National Water Commission hosted the NWC’s Splash and Dash Promotion 2.0, which encouraged more customers to pay their bills in full and on time for the period December 2023 to January 2024. This initiative encouraged compliance, and customers were rewarded for honouring their obligation to the utility company. More than J$1.2 million in cash was shared among our happy winners.

Based on the success of that promotion, the Commission has decided to embark on the NWC’s Pay & Save Programme through which customers who are experiencing difficulty paying their bills will get a discount that could assist in clearing their outstanding balances.

Through this programme, residential, commercial and condominium customers with outstanding balances that are 90 days and older will be offered between 10 and 20 per cent off their balances if they decide to pay the outstanding amounts.

The discounts are as follows:
  • 20% discount - Balances under $100, 000
  • 15% discount –Balances between $ 100,001 and 500,000
  • 10% discount – Balances above $500,000

Conditions of the NWC’s Pay & Save Programme

  • Period of initiative is April 8 to May 31, 2024
  • Concession should be on debt 90 days and greater as at March 31, 2024
  • Concession offered is 10% to 20% of aged debt or balance
  • Once aged debt includes the reconnection fee, total debt must be used to calculate promotion.
  • Where amounts outstanding is greater than $50, 000 and customer expresses inability to pay the total in one payment then a payment arrangement may be made to secure a discount value of 10% OR 15% OR 20%. To benefit, customers must undertake the following:
    • Pay at least 50% of balance owed
    • Where a partial payment is being made, the customers must stipulate a payment option for settlement of the balances owed. Payments may be as follows:
      • One-time full payment of outstanding portion less the eligible discount; OR
      • Formalise a payment arrangement of up to two (2) months for commercial or four (4) months for residential accounts

NB: Should the customer fail to complete the payments by the final payment date specified, the agreement becomes null and void, and the promotion no longer applicable.

  • Applicable to only Residential, Commercial and Condominium Accounts
  • Applicable to Active and Inactive Accounts

Special Notation

  • Applications for the Pay and Save Programme will NOT be facilitated from customers with an existing or breached payment arrangement.
  • All forms of payments will be accepted. Payments via uncertified cheques must be given at least 3 days for clearance. Where a cheque is returned, the agreement is voided.
  • The NWC reserves the right to deny any customer the benefit of this programme if he/she has:
    • Benefitted from any write-off on said outstanding charges
    • Is involved in ongoing legal proceedings regarding the said account/accounts
    • Cases being adjudicated by regulatory and consumer rights agencies
    • An account that is on hold pending the outcome of an investigation


  • Charges billed for period less than 90 days or balances as at March 31, 2024
  • All Government, School, Charity and Staff Accounts
  • Accounts benefitting from any other concession within the period