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NWC Reminder to High-Rise Developers, Purchasers and Occupants 29/01/2020
NWC To Host Regional Workshop On Water Assessment Using Nuclear Technology 18/10/2019
NWC Hosts 140 Students for Summer Employment Programme 29/07/2019
NWC Rehabilitating Greater Portmore Wastewater Treatment Plant 13/05/2019
NWC Places in Top 4 of Global Awards 12/04/2019
World Water day March 22 18/03/2019
NWC Makes Significant Progress On NRW Reduction In KSA 28/12/2018
NWC Makes Significant Progress On NRW Reduction In KSA 19/12/2018
NWC Seeking Developers for its Oxford Road Property 12/12/2018
NWC Seeking Meter Installation Contractors 10/12/2018
NWC Still Offering Welcome Back to Delinquent Customers 07/12/2018
NWC To Spend $4.5 Billion To Tackle Non-Revenue Water In Portmore, On North Coast 21/11/2018
NWC Tariff Submission for the Period Jan. 2019 to Dec.2021 25/10/2018
The Official Opening Ceremony Of CWWA Annual Conference An Exhibition 05/10/2018
Jamaica NWC takes smart metering to the next level 08/06/2018
NWC Urges Customers To Check Their Connections 29/03/2018
NWC Breaks New Ground in Jamaica Water Monitoring Technology 22/01/2018
NWC Debt Stays with Land 09/01/2018
Pay Exact Or Round Up To Benefit From $250 Payment Incentive NWC 05/01/2018
NWC Resumes Application of Late Payment Fees 23/06/2017
NWC Installing New Solid State Water Meters in Kingston 10/03/2016
NWC NOT Opposed to OUR Audit 17/02/2016
WATER DISTRIBUTION STUDY NWC to Analyze Customer Water-Usage Patterns Within its Distribution System 17/02/2016
NWC Encourages Continued Conservation.... Longest Dry Period Begins 03/02/2016
NWC Warns Against Damming of Rivers 03/02/2016