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Request For Media Coverage 10/01/2019
NWC Makes Significant Progress On NRW Reduction In KSA 28/12/2018
NWC Makes Significant Progress On NRW Reduction In KSA 19/12/2018
NWC Seeking Developers for its Oxford Road Property 12/12/2018
NWC Seeking Meter Installation Contractors 10/12/2018
NWC Still Offering Welcome Back to Delinquent Customers 07/12/2018
NWC Tariff Submission for the Period Jan. 2019 to Dec.2021 25/10/2018
The Official Opening Ceremony Of CWWA Annual Conference An Exhibition 05/10/2018
The OUR presents Webinar! today Tue 2018 Oct 2, 1 pm 02/10/2018
CWWA 2018 Conference Days Away 02/10/2018
NWC Addressing Water Issues Ahead Of New School Year 29/08/2018
NWC Intensifies Customer Engagement. 10/07/2018
KSA NRW Daily Bulletin #8 04/07/2018
Jamaica NWC takes smart metering to the next level 08/06/2018
NWC Urges Customers To Check Their Connections 29/03/2018
NWC Helps Correct Prisons Wastewater Problem 27/03/2018
NWC Celebrates World Water Day 23/03/2018
ustomers To Ignore Late Fees For Bills Paid On Time 20/03/2018
NWC Launches Essay And Photography Competitions 21/02/2018
NWC Launches Essay And Photography Competition 19/02/2018
NWC Breaks New Ground in Jamaica Water Monitoring Technology 22/01/2018
NWC Debt Stays with Land 09/01/2018
Pay Exact Or Round Up To Benefit From $250 Payment Incentive NWC 05/01/2018
NWC Gets New Vehicles For Operations 30/12/2017
NWC Warns Against Improper Disposal Of Garbage 20/12/2017
450,000 More High Tech Water Meters Coming To NWC 18/12/2017
NWC Opens Satellite Office In Blace River 07/12/2017
Maintenance Works Affect Water Supply in St. Mary 28/09/2017
Palmeto Pen/ Breadnut Bottom/ Rosewell Water Supply Project 14/08/2017
NWC Beefs Up Customer Engagement …Company Launches Customer Connections Programme in Trelawny 04/07/2017
NWC Resumes Application of Late Payment Fees 23/06/2017
More Communities to Benefit from Improved NWC Water Supply 21/06/2017
N.W.C Exploring Sale of Portions of its Debts 15/05/2017
IDB/NWC Regional Water Financing Conference Hailed a Success 08/05/2017
NWC Statement on Negril Water Supply 13/04/2017
NWC and MIYA Commemorate Good Deeds Day 2017 11/04/2017
NWC and Miya - Good Deeds Day 2017 04/04/2017
Good Deeds Day 2017 04/04/2017
NWC Spends Over $12M to Restore Water to Mount Pleasant Communities 17/01/2017
NWC Statement Re: Asbestos - Cement Pipes 16/01/2017
Season’s Greetings from the NWC 22/12/2016
NWC Commences Meter Installation Activities in Harbour View, Kingston 03/11/2016
Minister Tours New Equipment and Activities 25/10/2016
OUR Quarterly Performance Report, April – June 2016 26/09/2016
NWC Continues NRW Preparation Exercises Across the Corporate Area 16/09/2016
NWC Submits Mid-Tariff Review to O.U.R 09/09/2016
NWC Answers Rio Cobre Pipeline Questions from The Gleaner 05/09/2016
NWC Respond to Gleaner Questions re Rio Cobre Pipeline 05/09/2016
CARICOM Review Commission : Call for Public Consultation 17/08/2016
NWC Breaks Ground for Hounslow Water Supply Improvement project 22/07/2016
Hon. Dr. Chang Sectoral Presentation 08/07/2016
NWC Lends a Hand to Residents of Rema 03/06/2016
Statement from NWC Management RE: Jamaica Water Supply Improvement Project (JWSIP) Audit 11/05/2016
NWC Launches Summer Give-Away Promotion 28/04/2016
Minister Chang Tours Three Major NWC Projects 28/04/2016
NWC TV Promotions 25/04/2016
NWC to Partner with MIYA for Good Deeds Day 2016 01/04/2016
NWC NOT Opposed to OUR Audit 17/02/2016
WATER DISTRIBUTION STUDY NWC to Analyze Customer Water-Usage Patterns Within its Distribution System 17/02/2016

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At birth, water accounts for approximately 80 percent of an infant’s body weight.
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