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Access to Information Act

The Access to Information Act passed in 2002 came into effect on July 5, 2005. The Act gives members of the public an enforceable right of access to accurate documented information held by Government entities, including Ministries and their various agencies and departments, statutory bodies and Parish Councils. The Act also seeks to disclose corruption / integrity and inefficiencies/efficiencies, as well as to provide the public with desired information from government and government - owned bodies.

The National Water Commission, being a statutory body, will from time to time be requested to supply information on various subject matters. Citizens requiring information from the National Water Commission may do so by letter, telephone, email or use the prescribed form under the Act.

In order to coordinate NWC's fulfillment of the responsibilities of the ATI, a secretariat has been established.

NWC Access to Information Secretariat
Training Department
231B Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
Tel: 977-2496
Email: tamara.crooks@nwc.com.jm
Fax: 977-2708

Download Form: Access to Information Application Form

For further information on the Access to Information, please visit http://www.jard.gov.jm/ or http://www.jis.gov.jm