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Change Of Usage Status

The National Water Commission offers water supply and sewerage services to its customers under two broad categories – Domestic / Residential or Commercial. Residential accounts are usually billed at a lower rate per 1,000 gallons.

  • Domestic / Residential – Premises where customers consume water specifically for domestic purposes. Residential Classification is applicable once the premises is habitable and at least 2/3 of the water consumed is for domestic purposes. The service connection given to Residential Customers shall not exceed 25mm (1 inch).

  • Commercial – Refers to supplies connected to premises for the purposes of trade or business.

Based on the projected use of a premises, customers may require service under either of the two categories. It is the Commission’s duty to assess the said premises to ensure the account is billed in accordance with the observed use from the date first observed.

Where a new supply is to be used for Residential Construction purposes, the Commercial Rate shall be applied to that account. Upon completion of construction, the customer is encouraged to notify the Commission of the completion of the residence and request that the Commission reviews the rate being charged. The Commission shall inspect the property to verify the conditions following which the applicable rate will be charged.

In instances where a customer fraudulently represents to the Commission an intended use of water and the Commission subsequently discovers otherwise, then the account shall be debited with the differential charge from the established date of the verification of the fraud.

The National Water Commission urges its customers to ensure that specific use of the property be provided at initial application and that any change of use be communicated at the earliest so that appropriate rates may be charged.