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NWC Mona Reservoir Floating Solar Project

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The NWC Mona Reservoir Floating Solar Project is now up and running.The initial pilot of approximately 50KW was installed since May 2022 and so far has resulted in a reduction in energy consumption at the Mona Treatment Plant complex for July 2022 by 31% over May’s energy consumption.

There are many benefits that will be derived by the National Water Commission (NWC) and by extension the people of Jamaica.

A key benefit is Energy Savings as well as potential for other savings as listed below:

  • Under this project, the NWC will utilize 100% of its energy needs at the Mona Treatment Plant complex. This will result in savings at today’s energy cost of approximately $35.0m annually.
  • The NWC will receive lease payments for the leasing of the 100 acres of the water surface plus 4 acres of land for the installation of inverters, battery storage and grid stability equipment.
  • Potential savings due to reduced evaporation losses from the reservoir’s surface, estimated at 576,000m3 of water annually with a potential revenue of US$311,000 annually.
  • The Project will involve control dredging of areas in the reservoir where silt would have accumulated based on the bathometry study completed. The estimated additional capacity in the reservoir is 768,000m3 annually, with a conservative revenue potential of US$420,000 annually.
  • We also conservatively, pending the finalization of wheeling rates will see a reduction in the NWC’s overall energy cost per KWh of 30% of current rate of approximately US$0.38KWh, the cost as at August 2022.

The Key Features of the Project.

  • The overall project will see the installation of photo voltaic cells (solar panels) to produce 45MW DC.
  • 10MW DC will be on lease to the NWC for wheeling in addition to 5MW/h of energy storage.
  • 35MW DC of renewable power generation is intended to be supplied to the JPSCo grid with a 20MW/h grid storage system as well as a grid stability system.

The Mona Reservoir Floating Solar Project is a great example of the government and by extension the NWC leading the way in implementing a strategic project that will generate green energy that is both resilient and climate adaptive. This is also futuristic in putting Jamaica on the path to being energy independent.