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Guaranteed Standards of Service
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The following information outlines your rights when you do business with the National Water Commission. Summarized are the Guaranteed Standards which are standards of service set by the Office of Utilities Regulations, and backed by a guarantee - you receive payment if we fail to meet these standards.

The NWC guarantees to provide the following standards of service in our day-to-day dealings with you, subject to the exceptions specified.

Code Category Standard Description
WGS1 Access Connection to Supply Maximum of ten (10) working days to connect supply and install meter after establishment of contract.Compensation type: Claim
WGS2 Delivery of Bills Issue of First Bill Maximum of forty (40) working days after connection of supply.
Compensation type: Claim
WGS3 Appointments Issue of First Bill Must make and keep an appointment at customers request and must notify customer within reasonable time prior to appointed time, if the appointment will not be kept.
Compensation type: Claim
WGS4(a) Complaints Acknowledgement Maximum of five (5) working days to acknowledge customer written complaints after receipt.
Compensation type: Claim
WGS4(b) Complaints Investigations Maximum of thirty (30) working days from the date of receipt of the complaint to complete investigation
and respond or an update
Compensation type: Claim
WGS5 Disconnection Wrongful Disconnection Where the NWC disconnects a supply that has no overdue amount or is currently under investigation
by the OUR or the NWC and only the disputed amount is in arrears.
Compensation type: Automatic
WGS6 Account Status Issue of Account Status Meter to be read on same day customer is moving, if on a weekday; within two (2) working days
of move if on a weekend, providing five (5) working days’ notice if move is given. Maximum time
of fifteen (15) working days to provide final bill after move and forty five (45) days to refund credit
where applicable.
Compensation type: Claim
WGS7 Water Meters Meter Installation Maximum of thirty (30) working days to install meter on customer’s request
Compensation type: Claim
WGS8 Water Meters Repair of Replacement of Faulty Meters Maximum of twenty (20) working days to verify, repair or replace meter after defect is identified or reported. Compensation type: Automatic
WGS9 Water Meters Changing Meters NWC must provide customer with details of the date of the change, the reading on the old meter on
the day and serial number of the new meter.
Compensation type: Claim
WGS10(a) Water Meters Meter Reading There should NOT be more than two (2) consecutive estimated bills (where the company has access
to meter)
Compensation type: Automatic
WGS10(b) Water Meters Exceptional Meter Reading Where consumption increases by at least fifty percent(50%) the customer is to be alerted within
one billing period.
Compensation type: Claim
WGS11 Reconnection Reconnection after Payment of Overdue Amount Maximum of twenty-four (24) hours to restore supply
Compensation type: Automatic
WGS12 Reconnection Reconnection after Wrongful Disconnection NWC must reconnect a supply that was inadvertently disconnected within eight (8) hours of being
notified of the error.
Compensation type: Automatic
WGS13 Compensation Payment of Compensation Maximum of thirty (30) working days to process and apply credit to customer’s account.
WGS14 Estimation of
Method of Estimation An estimated bill should be based on the average of the last three (3) readings.
Compensation type: Automatic
WGS15 Billing Adjustment Timeliness of Adjustment to Customer’s Account Where necessary, customer’s account must be billed for an adjustment within three (3) months of
(i) identification of error; or (ii) subsequent to replacement of faulty meter.
Compensation type: Claim


Claim forms received as attachment to written correspondence should be completed by the receiving officer and the receipt mailed to the customer along with the acknowledgement letter within the time frame specified in the NWC's Business policy.