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mobile app

The NWC Mobile App is COMING SOON! Users will be able to:

  • Pay NWC bills from their smartphones as well as keep track of bills while on the go, get payment alerts and schedule payment to avoid late fees and disconnection.

  • Apply and pay for various NWC services including:
    1. Reconnection
    2. Request Truck Water
    3. Request Status Letter
    4. Request Payment Arrangement
    5. E-Bill Registration
    6. Joggers Pass
    7. Pay Subdivision Fees
    8. Track Requests
    9. Apply for New Service
  • Get NWC News and updates directly.
  • Communicate directly with the NWC on a variety of issues including leak reports, service disruptions, and water theft reports.
  • Confirm the identity of persons visiting customer property and claiming to represent NWC.
  • Better manage accounts, grant access to tenants, allow tenants to access account information conveniently, and reduce manual paperwork or the need to visit our offices.

The NWC Ap...#tapintoappiness so that we can continue serving you in many ways! #tapintoappiness #appinessloading