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NRW Programme

NWC/Miya Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction

Co-Management Programme


Non-revenue water

Non-revenue water NRW) is water that has been produced and is “lost” either as real or physical losses (for example through leaks and overflows) on one hand, and as apparent or commercial losses (for example through unauthorised use, theft and meter under-registration), plus authorised unbilled use such as water supplied for fire-fighting from hydrants.

KSA Non-Revenue Water Reduction Co-Management Programme Summary

The Kingston and St Andrew (KSA) Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction Co-Management Programme is being implemented by the National Water Commission (NWC) with international water efficiency co-management partner Miya Jamaica. NRW reduction is a crucial priority of the National Water Commission as it seeks to achieve its Corporate Objectives of increasing operational efficiency; growing revenue and increasing available cash; improving service delivery and public image; and building staff capacity.

This J$5 billion programme is a major undertaking for the National Water Commission for 2015 to 2020 and began in earnest in the third quarter of 2016.

The aim of the programme is essentially to cut by half the 60% level of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) in KSA.

Background to NRW Programme in KSA - 2016

System Input Volume - 210,458 m3/d

Programme Updates

Logger devices are now installed at premises as well and these allow the flow and pressure of water to be measured on a twenty-four-hour basis from remote locations. It is important that the appropriate pressure flows through pipes as too much can damage the pipeline infrastructure while too little causes frustration among the enterprise’s customer base. Maintaining water pressure at controlled levels is a significant component of the NRW reduction project.

Substantial progress is being made to implement aspects of the multi-million US dollar Portmore NRW reduction Programme which is aimed at dramatically improving the water supply service to residents and businesses of the St. Catherine based Municipality.

Additionally, the excavation and the investigations of the main pipes and connections of the existing network are now underway. Through this process, a thorough assessment to replace aged pipelines is carried out so that the Municipality will have durable pipe infrastructure to serve its population and meet demand over a sustained period. With these investigations, one can also verify the existing quality and the size of the pipes and this information helps with the procurement process for new materials if required.

Major Milestones as at April 2021


socially challenging areas (SCAs) surveyed and network audits completed.


new meters installed as at April 2021


persons received specialized training


leaks are actively detected on average per month in KSA (2021).


of pipelines checked, mapped and re-checked daily.


pressure zones are now in operation and fully established.


of pipeline that constitutes the water network in KSA that is being better managed and monitored through the installation of thousands of new valves, other control devices and data loggers.


NRW Results

Performance Indicator (12 month rolling Average)

Portmore Co-Management NRW Reduction Programme

National Water Commission (NWC) in collaboration with Miya Jamaica is set to commence immediate water works under the new Portmore Co-management, Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction Programme.(2021-2026).

Portmore is expected to reap similar benefits as did Kingston and Saint Andrew (KSA) from the NRW reduction work carried out by NWC and Miya, over the last five years. Portmore, which has a population of 250,000 is currently being serviced by approximately 45,000 traceable service connections. The average system input is approximately 40,000 m3/per day of which around 24,000 m3/per day (around 60%) is estimated to be lost (non-revenue water) by the utility company.

Some of the expected benefits from the new Portmore project are improved service delivery to the customers in the area; enhanced operational efficiency of the NWC; improved water distribution at acceptable pressures to meet the required Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) standards; improved customer satisfaction; and huge energy and water savings, in addition to other improvements.

The Portmore Co-management, Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction will be executed by NWC and Miya Jamaica and is being financed by the Jamaican Government through the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation. The project is mandated to reduce NRW in Portmore from an estimated 24,000 m3/per day (60%) to 10,000 m3/per day (30%).

Audit Phase (3 months)
  • Water Audit
  • Logger Installation
  • SCA (Inner City Visit/Survey)
  • Distribution Network Assessment
Implementation Phase (3 years)
  • Hydraulic Model
  • Leak Detection
  • Leak Repair
  • Pressure Management/DMA Establishment
  • Meter Replacement (Residential/Commercial Accounts)
Operation & Maintenance (2 years)

Through the programme, the Government is aiming to reduce the level of NRW in Portmore from as high as 60 per cent to 30 per cent by the end of the project period.

#NRWTracker Where we are working now

Some customers in areas of work may experience disruptions in their water supply or be impacted by traffic, dust or noise nuisances while the work is being done. We apologize for any such unavoidable disruption or inconvenience and commit to making every effort to keep these at an absolute minimum or for as short a time as possible.

Please cooperate with our work teams as we work to serve you better. For further information or specific concerns, please contact the Community Relations Office (Eastern) at 733-5636/7 or the Corporate Public Relations Department at 929-5430-5 or 929-1128.

The NRW Reduction Programme:

Renewing your water system = Better service = Better life National Water Commission … working to serve you better!

Date NRW Activity in Portmore Work Locations
Dec 06, 2023 Location old supply line for Cedar Grove Goshen Pumping Station
Nov 28, 2023 Flowmeter Installation Braeton Parkway/NW 3rd Ave (Dunbeholden line
Nov 27, 2023 PRV Maintenance East Mid Street
Nov 27, 2023 Flowmeter replacement Portmore Park
Bold work will be done during these days


Did you know that your new state-of-the-art digital meter allows you to check for leaks? Learn how in these easy steps!

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