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Corporate Profile

While not being the only service provider in the country, the National Water Commission is charged with the responsibility of being the main provider of potable water supply and the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater services to the people of Jamaica.

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In 2030, the National Water Commission is a well-resourced, responsive, customer-centric, efficient and compliant employer of choice achieving 90% service reliability with 85% and 30% coverage for water and wastewater respectively.


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We contribute positively to National Development by providing high quality Potable Water and Sewerage Services to residents and businesses in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.


Our Core Values

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Our Value Propositions

  • We are committed to providing our valued CUSTOMERS easy access to high quality potable water and wastewater services while being responsive to their needs.

  • We are committed to sharing with our STRATEGIC PARTNERS to share resources and information in order to achieve our mutual objectives.

  • We are committed to working with our REGULATORS in being compliant, accountable and transparent in all we do.

  • We are committed to providing our STAFF an enabling and empowering environment with opportunities for professional and personal development.