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NWC Rates


In-keeping with the Interim Tariff Determination 2019 granted by the OUR, effective May 1, 2022 there will be an adjustment in the Water, Sewerage and Service Rates. This adjustment is due to the re-setting of the Base Rates of the components used in the calculation of Price Adjustment Mechanism (PAM). Please note the K-Factor and X-factor values will remain unchanged at 20% and -5% respectively.

AnPAM 2022
Rates and Charges
Service Charges
Where the size of the meter does not exceed
5/8 inch/15mm $1155.92
3/4 inch/20mm $2,528.45
1 inch/25mm $3,301.86
l¼ inch/30mm $6,217.03
1 1/2 inch/40mm $6,217.03
2 inch/50mm $8,804.96
3 inch/75mm $15,988.74
4 inch/100mm $25,834.82
6 inch/150mm $39,354.59
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Water Rates Adjustment Effective May 2022

An overall weighted percentage adjustment to the bill is made based on the percentage changes in the base values of the following indices:

Water and Sewer Rates

Imperial metered $1,268.86 $1,465.55
Metric metered $279.10 $322.39