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Refund To Customer

A customer may make a request in writing to the Commission for a refund in the following circumstances only:

  1. Where duplicate/overpayments are made.
  2. Where payment is made due to an error on the part of the Commission or its Agent.
  3. Where payment has been made for any service, which was not delivered to the customer.
  4. Where over billing results in a credit to an Account after adjustment and the credit exceeds an average of two (2) months billing.

Customers who make payments via the Commission's On-line Payment Portal using Credit Cards, may also request refunds of amounts paid in error (incorrect payee/ utility or incorrect amount). The request must be made in writing to the Commercial Operations Manager, clearly stating the amount paid, nature of the error and the details of the card used to make the payment.

On completion of the investigation, the amounts paid via the On-line Portal will be reversed or charged-back to the Credit Card used to make the payment. The customer's account will also be adjusted on the Customer Information System. Refunds of payments made via the other available means will be manually prepared and the refund made via Direct Debit to the Customer's local bank account.

The Commission reserves the right to Consolidate Accounts, consolidation being where the debit or credit balances are transferred from one account to another whether the account is active or inactive, where the customer has more than one account.

A customer may also submit a written request for the credit balance on an account to be transferred to any other account (active or inactive).