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Invitation for Bids: Sale of NWC's Scrap Metal

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  1. The Three (3) Lots assigned are updated throughout the document to read as follows:
    • Lot 1 - Marescaux Road and Mona Stockyard/Stores, Kingston.
    • Lot 2 - Bevin Avenue Stockyard, St. James & Bogue Treatment Plant, St. Ann.
    • Lot 3 - Kingsland Reservoir and Spur Tree Stockyard, Manchester
  2. Items 4.3 and 4.4 inserted/updated to mention special arrangements made for additional Site Visits throughout the tender period.
  3. See ADDENDUM No. 1 to the Bidding Document, which supersedes the previous Bidding document posted.

For queries and/or questions about bid documents send email to bid.tenders@nwc.com.jm
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